About Us


A little back story about our boutique:
We are built completely on Faith and trust in God! We have always dreamed of creating a place where we can help ladies of all ages to feel confident in themselves, but have never really taken the initiative in doing so. About 8 months ago, we felt God place on our hearts the calling to go ahead and pursue our dreams of starting our boutique. After placing our trust in God that he would help everything to work out according to his plan, we have created something that we are so incredibly proud of and we hope you ladies love it as much as we do! We absolutely cannot wait to embark on this journey with y’all! 
Our name is made up of both daughters’ middle names! Also, if you notice the birds in our logo are a symbolization of having perfect faith in God and knowing that through him we can do absolutely anything!!! We encourage you to put your faith in God knowing that through him anything is possible!!!

We hope that we can help you to feel confident in knowing that God has made you in his perfect image!!! You are BEAUTIFUL!